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Name: Kerri
Where are you?: London
Age: 15
Birthday: 23rd february 2006.
Sex. Preference: Female.
Name a few awesome bands: Story of the year, My chemical romance, The used.
Name a few awful bands: The darkness, Murderdolls.
Favorite movie, why?: Girl, Interrupted. Because I think it shows alot of stuff people need to know does happen, and knowing why people do things they do.
Favorite song, why?: My Chemical Romance - I'm not Okay(I promise) Because it reflects on so many things I feel and go through everyday. It lets me know I'm not alone and I feel stronger when I listen to it.
Song best desribes you, how you feel, or your life: Um..Describes me would probably be Evanescence - Hello.
Best concert EVER: Well, I've been to see Funeral for a friend. That was pretty cool, going to see CoF this saturday so we'll see, lol.
What do you think makes you emo? Well I love black and pink, I get told I'm emo all the damn time, and I see emotionally charges rock music as a big part of my life, you might say I cry alot too.
Has your heart even been broken? Yes, too many times.
Explain?: Well firstly I went through loads of stuff in my childhood then my parents split up, my dad went through a lot of shit, my grandad then died, then my friend, and I've been out with guys who have always told me they loved me, then when we break up say they never meant it, they only thought they did.
Ever been stabbed in the back real bad? Do tell: Yeah you could say that, but in many ways from different things by different people so it's hard to point out one thing. People get stabbed in the back all the time, it's part of life, although we resent it..
What could you add to the community? Well I'm a good listener and I love making new friends although I'm pretty antisocial I do like to be there for people when needed, I'm a pretty open minded person to be honest, ah, theres another thing, I say what I think, heh.
Why should we keep you? Because you love me? lol.

Bush or Kerry: Kerry, I don't agree with Bush at the best of times.
Do you smoke? Yes.
Drink? Sometimes.
Do drugs? Rarely smoke abit of pot but thats about it.

Favorite screamer? Gerard Way.

Coheed and Cambria or Taking Back Sunday? Taking back sunday, Definately.

One random fact about yourself: I'm left handed.
Do you play an instrument?: Guitar.
For how long?: 3 years.
Favorite cereal?: Cocopops.
Promote us, and give us a link to where: When I get it up in a sec I will promote you on my lj info page, www.livejournal.com/users/shallow_heartxx
- at least 3 of yourself
Okay. :)

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