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Name: Sheryl
Where are you?: In hell.
Age: 16 in 3 months
Birthday: 23 December 1991
Sex. Preference: huh?
Name a few awesome bands: Old-school My Chem, Paramore, Every Time I Die, Bright Eyes, Behind Crimson Eyes, Dashboard Confessionals, Muffin Monsters, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, From First To Last, Leathermouth, Saves The Day, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, As I Lay Dying, Job For A Cowboy, Take A Worm For A Walk Week. just to name a few.
Name a few awful bands: Fall Out Boy & Panic @ the Disco
Favorite movie, why?: Silent Hill. Its just amazing cause there's loads of blood.But I do prefer playing the game.
Favorite song, why?: Tough one. I have a few but they are my favourite because the lyrics is just amazing.
Song best desribes you, how you feel, or your life: At this point in my life.The songs would have to be Conspiracy-Paramore and Murder was the case they gave me-Leathermouth
Best concert EVER: I'll let you know when its the last day of my life.Can't choose now.
What do you think makes you emo? I dont think I'm emo, I know I'm emo. Because emo isnt just a fashion trend,depression,self mutilation and suicide.Its about the attitude,the love of obscure bands and music that preppy people dont understand,the HATE OF PREPPY PEOPLE, and the way noone understands you.
Yes I suffer from depression and go for regular therapy.I wear black all the time.I write crappy poems.I cry alot and i hate everybody. So yeah,emo it is.
Has your heart even been broken?Yeah.
Explain?: -
Ever been stabbed in the back real bad? Do tell:HELL YES. Cause I go to an all girls catholic sch.And 9/10 of the girls are preppy bitches as in srsly BITCHY. It happens all the time(the bitching) that I'm really immuned to it.But sometimes it does get way overboard and I get so angry i just breakdown and cry(Also one of the reasons I go for therapy)One day everyone's your 'friend' the next day everyone hates you.
What could you add to the community? Hm I dont know. Bands?I hope to start a band when i move to Australia.
Why should we keep you?Cause you need me.HAHA I dont know.If you wanna keep me its fine if not then well screw you.HAHA

Bush or Kerry:Bob Bryar.
Do you smoke?Nope not yet.Maybe next time.
Do drugs?ditto.

Favorite screamer? Keith Buckley. I like Gerard and Frank in the first album,but now there's hardly any screaming done by them.

Coheed and Cambria or Taking Back Sunday? Taking Back Sunday

One random fact about yourself:I can clap with one hand.
Do you play an instrument?:Yes Drums
For how long?:2 years.
Favorite cereal?: - i wake up too late for breakfast.
Promote us, and give us a link to where:http://xkillingxliesx.livejournal.com/profile
- at least 3 of yourself

Ah just go to my myspace or sth.http://www.myspace.com/106993843
- someone/thing you love

A band-
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