Kevin Folz (angela_in_ashes) wrote in emo_ecstacy,
Kevin Folz

Name: Kevin, but people call me whatever they like.
Where are you?: Some room.
Age: 15
Birthday: December, 5th, 91
Sex. Preference: Male
Name a few awesome bands: Kill Hannah, AFI, Hawthorne Heights (Idc if it's mainstream)
Name a few awful bands: I don't really dislike any bands.
Favorite movie, why?: ifjiodsjffjiodsj
Favorite song, why?:  Sweet Dreams(Are Made Of This)(Marilyn Manson OR Annie Lennox version) Because it's just this amazing surreal song that reausures me that we all have dreams and capable of acheiving them. It also gives me a blast of nostalgia ... I used to like this song as a wee boy.
Song best desribes you, how you feel, or your life: "Room Of Angel" - Akira Yamaoka. Because it has a beautiful and "Stuck in your head" kind of chorus line to it. I deem this song as personal to me.
Best concert EVER: Marilyn Manson 2007 (Slayer fans are dickheads)
What do you think makes you emo? I fall for the clothing style and the majotiry of what I listen to is deemed emo. Frosty.
Has your heart even been broken? Yeah
Explain?: No.
Ever been stabbed in the back real bad? Do tell: Don't recall, but I know the feeling =/
What could you add to the community? ?
Why should we keep you? ?

Bush or Kerry: Kerry.
Do you smoke? No.
Drink? No.
Do drugs? Never.

Favorite screamer? Contradictable.

Coheed and Cambria or Taking Back Sunday? TBS

One random fact about yourself: I LIKE NATALIE!!!!
Do you play an instrument?: Guitar =D
For how long?: bout 3 years
Favorite cereal?: That cookie cereal with the dog and baker dude on the box. Or that oreo cereal =p
Promote us, and give us a link to where:
- at least 3 of yourself <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
- someone/thing you love
- a band

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